Drama Club

Dundas Little Theatre is thrilled to offer a new theatre program for children aged 7 to 13 called Drama Club. This training is specially crafted to inspire creativity, teamwork and a deeper appreciation for the performing arts. Our aim is to provide an enriching experience that fosters self-expression and personal growth through the joy of theatre.
Dundas Little Theatre Drama Club

Program Details

  • Program duration: A seven-week immersive journey into the world of theatre, culminating in a final performance.
  • Ages: Children aged 7 to 13 are welcome.
  • Program Fee: $60 per participant, includes T-shirt.
  • Class size: Limited to 15 participants per session.
  • Location: 37 Market St. at the Garstin Centre for the Arts

Curriculum Highlights

Our program is structured to progressively introduce students to the multifaceted world of theatre, with each session focusing on a new aspect of performance arts.

Week 1: October 8

Theatre basics and intro to storytelling: Students get introduced to theatre elements, learn storytelling through body language, and engage in group storytelling activities.

Week 2: October 15

Character building and movement: The session covers creating characters, exploring non-verbal communication, and performing character monologues.

Week 3: October 22

Theatrical crafts and intro to props: Students delve into costume and prop design, learning how these elements enhance storytelling in theatre.

Week 4: October 29

Acting and scene exploration: Emphasizes acting techniques, scene analysis, and performance, giving students a chance to act out scenes and discuss their experiences.

Week 5: November 5

Selection for final performance: The session facilitates students’ selection of their final performance pieces and begins group practices, focusing on integrating learned theatrical skills with personal expression.

Week 6: November 12

Dress rehearsal: Students participate in a final rehearsal to refine their performances. They receive constructive feedback.

Week 7: November 23

Final performance: Students take centre stage, presenting their individual performances to friends and family on the DLT stage.

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