Spotlight on Bernard Applewhaite

April 9, 2024

Dundas Little Theatre is happy to introduce Bernard Applewhaite in his first role with us in the upcoming production of Lobby Hero. Please enjoy our short Q&A with the actor about his experiences here and with other theatres in the area.

Interest in Lobby Hero

Bernard was interested in working on this production because he had such a positive experience working with Gregory Flis, our director, on a past production for The Hamilton Player’s Guild. The two performed in the iconic To Kill a Mockingbird with Bernard taking on the role of Tom Robinson and our director playing the definitive role of Atticus.

Lobby Hero also addresses important social and moral issues like racism, sexual harassment and judicial inequality just to name a few.

Other Notable Shows

Beside Bernard’s turn in To Kill a Mockingbird, you may recognize him from some of his following performances:

  • The Odd Couple
    Roy (Accountant)
    Galahad Production
  • Cat on Hot Tin Roof
    Lacey (Domestic Servant)
    West End Theatre
  • Hair Ensemble
    (Various Roles)
    West End Theatre

Reflection on Local Education Arts Cuts

– As an artist I feel the recent cuts to music/art/drama at Mohawk College and McMaster University represent a great loss for the city of Hamilton and the wider community. I have a family member who graduated from the Mohawk Music Program (by many aspiring musical artists this was considered a destination program) and is currently active in the Canadian Music Scene so I’m aware of the great value which has been lost.

Do these cuts affect community theatre?

– Community theatre has been around for many years so I don’t see it losing any footing in light of these cuts.

Dream Roles

– I would love to be in more musicals. I love to sing. But just to name a few:

  • Carousel – Role of Curly (currently being played by Joshua Henry on Broadway)
  • Dream Girls – any role
  • The Colour Purple – Albert