Spotlight on Bryan Fotheringham

January 11, 2024

Bryan will be in our upcoming production of Grand Horizons, and we are happy to have him back after being away for five years.

Enjoy our brief interview with him.

Role in Grand Horizons

I play the role of Ben, the eldest son of Nancy and Bill. The character and I do share a great deal of the same anxieties and deal with them in similar ways. We are fearful of change (of which Ben is experiencing a boat load) and work tirelessly at getting resolution, even when it is impossible to do so. At the same time, Ben is far angrier than I am.

Recent Production

I most recently returned to performance with DLT as Mr. Witherspoon in Arsenic and Old Lace, after an extended 5 year absence.

Dream Role

I would love to perform the show Sleepwalk with Me by comedian Mike Birbiglia: hilarious and heartbreaking, sometimes even in the same sentence.

Role of Theatre in Our Community

Theatre gives the opportunity to bring people together, in a world that is growing ever more isolated. It also has the power to bring issues to light that may not be talked about in public settings. Specifically with this show, the growing trend of “gray divorces” and the changing roles/expectations of the elderly.