Spotlight on Michael Hannigan

January 29, 2024

Michael plays “Bill” in our production of Grand Horizons. He’s a seasoned local theatre performer who you may have seen in any number of productions at various theatres in Hamilton, Burlington, Waterdown and the surrounding area.

Enjoy our short interview with him.

Role in Grand Horizons

I play Bill French: retired pharmacist, married and father of two sons. He faces a dramatic shake up in the life he’s come to know. Who among us cannot relate.

Last Production

Recently directed and designed Jack and the Beanstalk for Theatre Burlington. Also took on the role of Mario in that production.

Current work

I’m currently in rehearsals to play Rev. George King in God and the Indian for The Players’ Guild of Hamilton.

Dream Role

Antonio Salieri in Amadeus. A man who yearned so very much to serve his god and please the world through music yet learns he can only recognize musical genius. He will never be the vessel that delivers such beauty to the world. The role is rich with themes of power, hypocrisy, envy, despair, vanity, love, hatred, and revenge. Also… I’m now too old to play Mozart. That role got away from me.

Theatre in Your Community

Live theatre invites the community to experience drama in an immediate manner. Every performance is unique in that this is the moment… the one moment… that this audience shares with the production team. Every evening in the theatre is unique.

On a larger scale, theatre provides opportunities for creativity and self-expression for all ages. We get to examine the human condition through drama and “hold, as t’wer, the mirror up to nature”. Finally, it provides us with a varied and vibrant community where all can be a part of something that gives as much as it receives. Or something like that.